• LALRISE BOOSt 2.75 Gal Liquid LALRISE BOOST US Registration Map

    LALRISE BOOST Microbial Growth Promoter 2.75Gal

    Give your plants a jump in their development with this plant-growth promoter! LALRISE BOOST is a PGPM that rapidly colonizes the root zone of the plant, providing greater water and nutrient uptake to increase yield and crop quality. LALRISE...
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    LALSTIM OSMO Osmoprotectant 5LB at Symbiosys Grow Supply LALSTIM OSMO Osmoprotectant 5LB at Symbiosys Grow Supply backside

    LALSTIM OSMO Osmotic Balancing Protectant 5Lb

    Protects plant tissues against negative effects of environmental stresses! LALSTIM OSMO is a highly soluble product containing 97% natural Glycine Betaine, a persistent and powerful osmoprotectant that is absorbed rapidly and moved throughout the...
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  • LALSTOP K61 packet front Plant roots treated with LALSTOP K61 WP biofungicide

    LALSTOP K61 Biofungicide 100 Gram

    Developed from a naturally occurring bacteria, Streptomyces griseoviridis, LALSTOP® K61 is a preventative product that thrives in the rhizosphere for several weeks and provides effective control on a wide range of pathogens including damping-off...
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    LALSTOP G46 100 gram packet LALSTOP G46 Tech Sheet P1

    LALSTOP G46 Biofungicide 100 Gram (Prestop WG)

    LALSTOP G46 WG controls a variety of both foliar and soilborne diseases in fruit, vegetable, herb, and ornamental crops. LALSTOP G46 Biofungicide (Prestop WG) contains contains mycelium and spores of Gliocladium catenulatum, a naturally...
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